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Everyone likes to date. Dating is fun if done correctly.

I have written this article with tips on dating because there is some basic knowledge that everyone should be aware of. Do not be afraid of dating, it is fun, and try to be as creative as possible.

Mind The Timing.

When organizing a date, always plan in advance. Try not to organize everything by the second. Always leave some time for any problems it might happen.

If you are planning to go to an opening that starts at 9pm, do not plan to arrive there at 8:57, leave some open time, so in case your date is late, you will still have enough time to enjoy your opening. Plus you will have more time to talk to you date.

Always have a back up plan

Dating outdoor is always something I enjoy a lot. Being in the nature, with none or just a few people around is relaxing and keeps me in a good mood.

If the plan for your date is an outdoor picnic, at the beach or in the woods. Do not be scared if the weather is not excellent on your planned day. You can always do a picnic in your house, or just decide to watch a movie. If you have a fireplace nothing is more relaxing of watching the fire sipping a nice drink.

Unavoidable Things Happen

In all the dates something can go wrong. There are multiple situations where difficulties can arise. The restaurant where you and your date were supposed to have dinner might have lost your reservation, of you could have lost the tickets for the show.

What ever happens, never lose your class and sense of humor, there is nothing that can stop you from having a wonderful date. No matters what happens. A good laugh is a problem solver.

First Date What To Avoid

This guidelines are especially true for the first date, but this does not means that after the first date you can just forget about them.

  • Before leaving your house, always check if you have your wallet with you… you might need it.
  • Never talk about your previous relationships. Talking about them does not make you sound better.
  • Do not talk about sex, or make physical advances, save them for another date.
  • Arrive at the appointment on time, or even better a little bit earlier.
  • Do not chew tobacco or smoke cigarettes one after another.
  • What I will avoid for a first date is also the most ordinary date of all, a dinner and then a movie…

Remember that are the little things that makes a date and a relationship special.

Thinks how a girl would feels if her date will peel the orange for her, so that she does not ruin her beautiful nails.

All The Best

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